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This is the cutest vlog I’ve ever done. For the whole month of August 2023, I took a break from my weekly vlog updates to focus on a big episode dedicated to pet sitting. In Part 1, I share my story about how I became a sitter while working from home and what’s like to side hustle in London. Also, tips and tricks that worked very well for me as beginner sitter. And of course, a lot of cute pet content. I really hope you enjoy this vlog as much as I did while making it.

1:41 – Why pet sitting?
3:06 – Peggy the Labrador Retriever
5:45 – Sybil the Labrador Retriever
7:55 – Benny the Cocker Spaniel
10:38 – Hershey the Cockapoo
14:34 – Jonas the Dachshund & Jack Russell Terrier
17:07 – Tips for beginners sitters, How much money can you make?

For pet owners:
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For sitters:
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