HOW TO Pick Up a Puppy Properly

Jennifer Broome imparts her expertise on the proper techniques for picking up and cradling a puppy. Drawing from her extensive experience in working with dogs and her profound comprehension of their behavior, Jennifer offers guidance on safely and comfortably lifting and holding a puppy.

Throughout the video, Jennifer illustrates the correct approach when approaching a puppy, the appropriate method of scooping them up in one’s arms, and how to maintain a secure grip. Additionally, she shares valuable suggestions for soothing a puppy and avoiding common errors that may lead to discomfort or potential harm.

Whether you’re a novice dog owner or seeking to enhance your handling abilities, Jennifer’s compassionate and patient approach will assist you in establishing a strong and affectionate connection with your canine companion. If you’re eager to learn the proper techniques for picking up and holding a puppy, make sure to watch this video and adhere to Jennifer’s expert guidance!

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