Protesters Confront Dog Daddy in NYC #dogtrainer #dogtraining #zakgeorge #dogtrainingrevolution

Earlier this week, we promised that the voices of those concerned with “Dog Daddy” Augusto DeOliveira’s training methods would not go unheard. Today, that pledge came to life as dog training advocates including courageously engaged Augusto in a dialogue about his dangerous practices.

As onlookers gathered, the conversation unfolded. Augusto’s followers and the public were invited to join in this critical examination of dog training methodologies. While differences remain, today marked a significant step toward a more informed and compassionate discourse.

We are so grateful to Lauren @sitstaystella_ for her bravery, and to all who continue to seek the best for their dogs, guided by evidence and empathy ❤️


VIDEO: Speaking out against “The Dog Daddy” the Most Problematic Dog Trainer on the Internet:

VIDEO: State of Emergency: The Dog Training Crisis is Here. The Case Against Aversive Tools:

VIDEO: Have I been wrong about dog training this whole time??

VIDEO: Why You’ve Never Seen me Train an Aggressive Dog:

VIDEO: But what about dogs who correct each other? Is this a valid rationale for using aversives?

VIDEO: Why the Alpha Myth is Wrong Twice:

VIDEO: What Kind of Collar? Why Some Dog Trainers Don’t Want You to Use a Harness:


Petition to Stop “Dog Daddy” in Italy 🇮🇹

Petition to Stop “Dog Daddy” in the UK 🇬🇧

Petition to Stop “Dog Daddy” in Canada 🇨🇦

Voice Your Concerns to Blaine Kennels re: Hosting Dog Daddy in Minnesota:

Voice Your Concerns to Moniker Events re: Hosting Dog Daddy in San Diego:

More information about the significant alleged issues and crimes The Dog Daddy has been accused of over the years:

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