9 Awesome Products to Help Your Dog Keep His New Year’s Resolutions

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The start of a new year calls for self-improvement, and we see no reason to leave your dog out of the action. Goal-setting can benefit everyone, and there are endless ways for you to enrich your pup’s life while improving his physical and mental health.

These nine practical (and fun!) dog-approved items will help your pooch become the best version of himself by making it easier to keep his New Year’s Resolution—whatever that may look like for you.

Dog toothbrush kit

Be honest: when was the last time you brushed your dog’s pearly whites? Dental hygiene is essential for good canine health, and yet teeth-brushing tends to be one of those tasks that falls to the wayside.

Make 2022 the year you take doggy dental care seriously. With ingredients clinically proven to banish plaque and bacteria, this Nylabone formula works hard to keep your pet’s grin healthy and happy. Your dog will love the peanut butter-flavored toothpaste, and you’ll love his fresh-smelling breath.

Not sure where to start? That’s okay! We can walk you through the basics of dog toothbrushing with some tips and tricks to make it easy.

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Ruffwear Treat trader pouch with dog treats

January is National Train Your Dog Month, so why not commit to mastering a new trick with your pooch? Contrary to popular belief, dogs can learn new tricks at any age. And all that practice will promote bonding (awesome) and mental stimulation (double awesome!).

Since healthy treats are essential for training, a reliable dog treat pouch comes in handy during lessons. This popular and durable Ruffwear Treat Trader conveniently attaches to the waist and comes with a magnetic closure for easy access. Happy training!

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Outward hound indoor agility equipment

If your New Year’s Resolution involves trying something new with your dog, might we suggest an indoor agility kit? With its affordable price tag, this basic agility kit by Outward Hound is perfect for curious newbies. It includes an adjustable high jump, a tunnel, and a set of weave poles. Plus, you get a booklet with training tips to help your dog become an agility rockstar.

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Light up dog leash

Winter is the hardest season to keep up your walking regimen—but with an LED dog leash, you’ll have no excuse to skip those after-dinner outings. The Illumiseen leash comes with an adjustable light mode (rapid flashing, slow-flashing, or steady mode) and operates on a USB rechargeable battery (cable included).

A one-hour charge keeps the lights powered for five hours, allowing you to get in a solid number of strolls before a recharge is required. Available in six neon colors and two sizes (four and six feet).

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Automatic pet water fountain

No one said your New Year’s Resolution had to be complicated. A simple resolve to drink more H20 in ‘22 will do wonders for your health—and your dog’s! Keep your pup hydrated with a filtrating water dispenser that circulates and purifies his water. The DOGNESS pet fountain removes hair, dirt, and food particles to keep water fresh and clean.

The beauty of this fountain is how unobtrusive it is: it’s small and quiet, and it blends seamlessly into any home. While this model is ideal for small- to medium-sized pets, we’ve discovered there’s a pet water fountain out there for every dog—no matter his size.

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Fitbark health and fitness tracker device

Staying committed to better health is a lot easier when you can see the results. A FitBark Health tracker lets you observe your dog’s progress with updates on his activity level, distance traveled, calories burned, and an assessment of overall health and behavior.

You can even link your own FitBit or Apple device with your dog’s FitBark to work on healthy habits together. Plus, the FitBark works as a pet GPS device, so you can make safety a priority in the new year.

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Outward hound dog puzzle toy

Dog puzzle toys are great for many reasons: they give bored dogs something to focus on, they reduce destructive behavior caused by anxiety, and they keep your dog’s brain in tip-top shape by challenging him to problem solve.

Nina Ottosson toys are known for their quality design and durability. This puzzle game requires dogs to slide movable windows to find treats hidden below, rewarding successful players with a tasty bite.

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If your furniture is constantly besieged by clouds of fur, perhaps you’d like to level-up your dog grooming game this year. With a trusty Furminator in your toolkit, brushing your dog’s coat won’t be such a chore. The Furminator’s rake-like comb removes loose fur and prevents painful mats, making your dog’s beautiful coat really shine.

It’s a lifesaver for pet parents with double-coated dogs—armed with one of these, shedding in 2022 could look a lot different than 2021.

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Dog fetch toy

Sometimes the simplest resolutions are the best ones. We really can’t think of a better goal than spending quality time with our favorite furry friends. If you’ve resolved to be more present and play with you dog more, a multi-use rope toy can bring the two of you together. This easy-to-throw toy is perfect for both fetch and tug-of-war. Made with BPA-, lead-, and phthalate-free materials, it’s safe for chompers, and the durable construction should hold up to all but the most determined chewers.

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