14 Signs Your Dog Doesn’t Love You (Even if You Think They Do)

In this video, we will talk about 14 signs that your dog may not be your biggest fan.

They don’t wag their tail when they see you
You can learn a lot about your pet’s feelings if you observe their tail closely.If you approach your dog and they start wagging their tail with a positive demeanor, it means that your pet is content and happy to see you
A tucked tail on the other hand, is an unmistakable indicator that the dog is feeling nervous or frightened.
They don’t want to cuddle after they eat
Dogs are pack animals that crave companionship. If your dog loves to play or cuddle with you, that’s a good thing. They think of you as part of their pack, and they find your company and attention pleasant.
What’s more, if your dog wants to cuddle with you after they eat, it means they love you. Dog cuddles after meals equate a strong love between owners and canines because this shows that your dog does not view you as just a feeding machine.
Not making eye contact with you
Animal behaviorists believe that a dog’s ability to look into a human’s eyes in a non-aggressive way was one of the first steps toward canine domestication. They somehow learned that humans like eye contact, and by looking into a person’s eyes, they establish a meaningful relationship.
When your dog is willing to gaze lovingly into your eyes, it’s a sign they trust you. On the contrary, if a dog isn’t your biggest fan, they will not meet your gaze and will back away. This is because dogs most often choose flight as opposed to fight. By looking away from you, your dog is trying to keep the peace and avoid an attack.
They don’t seem to want to sleep in your room
Wolves and wild dogs purposefully sleep in small, confined areas with pack members they trust to protect against predators.
Our dogs think that we are in their pack, and feel like they can count on us to protect them in the face of a danger.
So, if your dog doesn’t want to sleep in the same room as you, there may be a trust issue.
They Ignore Your Commands
Some people think training a dog is all about the dog, but it’s actually about the bond shared on both ends of the leash. If a dog doesn’t trust their owner, they are less likely to respond well to training.
Plus, research published in Developmental Science has shown that dogs actually ignore information they deem unnecessary. So, if your pet seems to be giving you the cold shoulder and ignoring your commands all of a sudden, it’s a good sign they’re not happy with you.
They wag their tail to the left when you are around
It may be hard to catch, but a dog will wag their tail to the left if they are suspicious of another dog or a person they don’t trust.
Recent studies suggest that a tail wagging to the left indicates negative feelings, fear or stress. Dogs may show this tail wagging behavior in the presence of an unfamiliar, dominant dog or person. On the contrary, tail wagging to the right indicates positive feelings.
They disappear whenever you are around
If your furry friend insists on maintaining a distance from you, then there’s a good chance they’re trying to avoid you on purpose.
They don’t relax when you’re around
Sleeping puts a dog in a very vulnerable position. A happy dog will snooze, relax, and expose their belly. Dogs are usually concerned about their safety and won’t expose their vulnerable parts when they aren’t sure about their surroundings.
So if your dog doesn’t let its guard down when you’re around, it could mean they feel uncomfortable around you. On that note, remember that if your dog adopts a side-sleeping or belly-up position, it is an indication that they have no worries. They are relaxed and comfortable with their surroundings and have no uncertainty about it.
They don’t bring you a present
One of the cutest things that dogs do when they trust you is give you toys, bones, or any random thing as a gift.
You may have no interest in your pup’s tattered tennis ball, but their willingness to share it with you is a sign of true affection.
So if your dog isn’t willing to share their toys with you, it may be a sign that they don’t trust you enough.
They prefer spending time with someone else
You come home to find your beloved dog snuggling with a member of your family on the couch.
But when you try to join the fun, the dog takes off.
You might also start to notice that your furry friend is following other members of your household, but won’t even spare you a glance.
If your dog turns to others for pets and interactions but consistently ignores you, this is a clear sign that the problem is not them, it’s you.
They don’t like being touched
Petting a dog reassures them that you love them, releases stress, and improves the bond between the dog and owner. While there may be times that your dog is just uninterested and don’t want to be petted, if they regularly recoil at your touch, it is a sign of a problem.
They growl at you
If your dog is growling at you, then they’re definitely unhappy.

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