Terrified Dog Left Chained Up After Owner’s Death Discovers Life Of Cuddles


A pup named Pancake spent her whole life not knowing what love is like. Her human kept her chained up outside most of the time, and after he passed away, she was left alone in the yard with no one to look after her. Even extended family members refused to bring her inside.

So, PETA interfered. After lots of persuasion, they took the terrified pup into their custody and found her a loving foster home. Suddenly, Pancake’s life changed for the better. Her foster parents taught her what being a dog is all about, and Pancake is loving it!

Pancake the dog rescued

Chained Up Without Love

Even before her owner died, Pancake spent most of her life on a chain outside with two other dogs. After her human passed away from COVID-19, things got worse. Most of the owner’s family lives hundreds of miles away, but they refused to take the dogs out of the backyard. Those family members’ occasional visits were the only socialization the dogs got.

The dogs had automatic feeders that contained moldy, bug-infested food. Their water was full of algae and undrinkable. The space around them was covered with litter.

Dog chained up outside

When PETA became aware of the situation, they asked the family to surrender the dogs, but they refused. Animal rescue staff occasionally visited the animals to provide food and clean water, but eventually, they realized that Pancake’s state had rapidly declined. She had lost at least a third of her body weight, she was infested with fleas, and her teeth were worn down and irritated.

So, PETA was able to get legal custody of the dogs, and they placed Pancake in a foster home. They named her Pancake because when humans approached her, she would flatten herself to the ground. At the time, her fur was dark and covered in soot, but they realized that most of her coat was supposed to be white.

Rescuer pets chained dog

Turning Her Life Around

Being in foster care was likely the first time Pancake had lived inside. Her foster brother named Dylan is helping her see how to be a dog. She’s learning things that seem natural for most dogs, such as walking on a leash and getting snuggles.

“Everything is new to a dog who’s been living on a chain,” said Pancake’s foster mom, Jessica. “I’m excited for Pancake’s future. She has so many adventures yet to come. They’re just going to have to come slowly because she’s going to be dealing with the trauma of her previous life forever.”

Family adopts Pancake the dog

It didn’t take long for Pancake’s foster family to fall in love with her, so they decided to adopt her. She quickly learned that the couch is her favorite spot to relax, and her tail is always wagging.

Dog neglect is just as serious as any other type of abuse. No dog should have to be chained up outside 24/7. They deserve to have a comfortable, loving home like the one Pancake is in now.

Watch Pancake’s Journey Here:

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