Chewy’s 8 Best Christmas and Holiday Catnip Toys for Your Festive Kitty

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‘Tis the season to gift your kitty! And you know what cats love? Catnip! Let’s face it—us kitty parents love watching our cats go bonkers for catnip, too. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best Christmas catnip toys, along with some cute Hanukkah-themed ones, for your favorite feline to enjoy.

Whether your cat loves to jump after a teaser wand, get their scratch on, or pounce a soft toy, Chewy‘s got a fun variety of catnip toys to choose from.

Here are our favorite catnip toys from Chewy’s Holiyay Shop to get your cat in the holiday spirit.

BUT! Before we dig into our selections, be sure to take note that holiday products sell out faster than a reindeer flies—so don’t put off your order!

This article was produced in partnership with Chewy.

Our Favorite 8 Christmas Catnip Toys from Chewy

cat looking up at Frisco Holiday Mistletoe Teaser Wand Cat Toy with Catnip

Well look who’s under the mistletoe; as if you needed another reason to shower your cat with kisses! Wand toys are always a hit with the kitties, and this adorable felt mistletoe toy is stuffed with catnip to keep them jumping for joy on Christmas and beyond.

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cat on carpet playing with Frisco Holiday Reindeer Plush Kicker Christmas Catnip Toy

Cats and reindeer, what more do you need? Your kitty will enjoy lovingly clawing and batting this plush reindeer toy friend for Christmas. Not only is it filled with catnip, but crinkling inside makes it extra fun for playing reindeer games.

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cat on floor playing with Frisco Holiday Dreidle & Coins Plush Cat Toy with Catnip

Light up your cat’s Hanukkah with this cat toy play set. The pouch contains two plush coins and a dreidel—all of which contain catnip and crinkle paper—for them to spin and chase all during the holiday and beyond.

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cat scratching wavy cardboard scratcher toy with red and white snowflake print on side

Hoping to spare your furniture during the holidays? Give your cat a diversion they’re sure to enjoy. Your kitty will delight in digging their claws into this snowflake-patterned, wave-shaped corrugated cardboard scratcher—which comes with catnip for extra incentive.

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plush milk carton and two gingerbread cookie toys

Be sure to leave milk and cookies for more than just Santa this year! This Christmas catnip toy set comes with super duper cute plush gingerbread men and a milk carton, and is filled with crinkle paper in addition to the ‘nip—what a treat!

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cat with Frisco Holiday Hanukkah Mice Cat Toy with Catnip

Surprise your kitty during Hanukkah with this holiday-patterned set of five plush mice. Each little catnip-filled toy crinkles and has a stringy tail—perfect for quick little paws.

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cat sniffing Frisco Holiday Lumps of Coal Plush Christmas Catnip Toy

Bad kitty! Even the “naughtiest” of our four-legged friends deserve something special for Christmas. This “coal” pouch with two shaggy catnip toys lets your misbehaved kitty know you love them no matter what, while giving you a laugh.

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Goody Box Holiday Cat

Since it’s the holidays, you might as well spoil your kitty rotten! This Goody Box and Chewy collaboration is filled with festive Christmas goodies, including a seasonal recipe, holiday banner, soft blanket, full bag of treats, kicker toy, and three catnip toys—plus a stocking for holding it all. Purrrfect.

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