How To Take A Tick Off Your Dog – Professional Dog Training Tips

In this video, Instructor Shannon will show you how to take a tick off your dog. There are many different parasites that can pose a threat to your pet. Fleas, ticks, ​and lice, to name a few. All are blood feasting and all transmit disease. Fleas can transfer viral and bacterial disease to both humans and dogs. Ticks can cause all sorts of illness including Lyme, Ehrlichia, Anaplasma and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Even if no diseases are transmitted, parasites can turn into infestations, both on the dog and in the house, in no time. There are commercial products you can buy that help you remove ticks. We’ll use one of these tick removal products in today’s video.

Alternatively, you can use a pair of tweezers to pull the tick out. The goal is to remove the tick fully intact and not leave its head in your dog’s skin. Squeeze the tweezers on the tick as close to the skin as you can and remove by applying gentle pressure straight up. Do not turn the tweezers as this may cause the head to remain in the dog. This can cause irritation or infection. Be aware of any method that may cause the tick to regurgitate before releasing – things like rubbing it with cotton or applying soap work, but these methods will often result in the tick regurgitating before letting go and emptying toxins back into the dog.

If you don’t initially get all of the tick out, don’t try to dig it out. This can actually increase the likelihood of infection. Instead, watch the area closely for signs of infection (rash or irritation) and let your dog’s body naturally expel the foreign object. If you see signs of rash, irritation or your dog develops a fever, see your vet immediately.

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