The Search For The 2022 ‘Pupweiser’ Mascot Is On!


Everyone thinks their dog deserves to be a model. Well, here’s that chance to make your dream happen for them (let’s face it, it’s yours, not theirs.)

This November and December 2021, Budweiser is holding another “Pupweiser” contest. The dog that wins will have their photo printed onto Budweiser holiday cans next year.


Brewski the Dalmatian was the face of the 2020 holiday can. After that can received a logically positive response, Budweiser decided to search for the next “Pupweiser” star.

Wilson won the 2021 contest last year, and his precious mug (sorry for the beer pun) can be found on cans everywhere this winter. The Saint Bernard, who hails from Ohio, is now an international star. Imagine, that could be your dog on the front of a container of liquid they can’t drink!


Enter Your Dog!

All you have to do is reply to Budweiser’s Facebook post with a picture of your dog using #PupweiserContest. Or, you can put in your entry through Instagram or Twitter, as long as you use the hashtag and tag @budweiserUSA. You can enter your pup starting November 16th until December 15th, when the contest closes.

Some people who already entered their dogs got replies from the Budweiser team with mock-ups of their dog’s can. You can see your own dog’s by going to Budweiser’s online can generator.


Even better, the company says each entry will result in a $1 donation, up to $25,000, to the ASPCA. That means you can brag about your dog for charity.

The Competition For The 2022 Can

Everyone with a pup should enter, but you should know that this is some of your competition. There will be a first-round of judging that determines finalists, and then the public will be able to vote on those to determine the winner.


According to Rufus’ parent, the dog has “been preparing for the #PupweiserContest his entire life. Since he is only one, that makes sense.”


Bowdoin’s person says:

“He is as cute and naughty as they come. He loves to drink beer from my husband’s glass whenever the chance arises.”


Poppy the Goldendoodle is tough competition, as her mom says she already “has modeling experience.”


Also intimidating competition, Louie the Golden Retriever has plenty of experience chewing on beer bottles. And these entries are just a few out of thousands.

Don’t let these cute pooches intimidate you, though. Your dog might just be that lucky entry who gets to be on Budweiser cans!

H/T: Penn Live
Featured Image: Instagram

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