Dogs vs Ghost Invasion Prank: Funny Dogs Maymo, Potpie & Cute Puppy Indie Battle Ghosts!

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Watch Funny Dogs Maymo & Potpie, and Cute Puppy Indie vs Ghost Prank! Cute beagle dogs Maymo and Potpie are watching their new puppy sister Indie on the couch when they hear creepy noises coming from behind doors in the front of the house. When the three dogs check out where all the scary noises are coming from, creepy ghosts burst through the door like screaming banshees, flying around the room. The dogs make quick work of the ghosts, but just when they think the pranks are over, they are visited by three more ghosts, and then a skeleton ghost with red eyes! The cute puppy’s reactions are hilarious, as all three dogs take turns tearing apart these creepy invaders, and the dogs will have ghost stories to tell for years!

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“Shining on You” by Little Island Leap
“With Smoke Comes Fire” by Robert Ruth
“No More Conversations” and “Killer Clown” and “Klezmerized” by Mike Franklyn
“Italian Wedding Dance” by Trabant 33

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