The 7 Best Collapsible Dog Crates for 2021

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When it comes to the most versatile crates on the market, collapsible dog crates are often the superior choice. Collapsible dog crates fold up for convenient storage, are great for travel, and are easy to move from one spot to the next for a variety of purposes.

Collapsible dog crates are most commonly made from metal for durability, but you can also find collapsible crates made of fabric or wood (and occasionally other materials).

We break down some of the reasons why you might consider a collapsible dog crate and suggest some options available for purchase online.

Frisco dog crate

Frisco Heavy Duty Fold & Carry Single Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

A heavy duty, secure crate for your dog. Comes in several sizes!

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Collapsible Dog Crates: Pros and Cons


If you have a puppy or small dog or need an easy-to-use, portable crate, collapsible dog crates can be a great choice. Here’s why:

  • Crates that are collapsible come in different sizes, prices, and a few different materials. These crates offer a lot of options and serve a variety of functions.
  • Collapsible metal crates are a good idea when it comes to crate training a puppy. Even though no crate is 100% dog proof (and any dog in a crate will require supervision), metal holds up better in the long run when matched with the teeth and claws of a determined or curious puppy, and collapsible metal crates often come with dividers that you can remove as your puppy grows.
  • Whether you’re moving, putting up your crate when company comes by, taking a road trip with your pup, or crating indoors and outdoors, there are many reasons why having a crate that’s simple to transport is an advantage. Being able to move a crate easily and on your own provides more choices when it comes to crate placement and allows for consistent crate training.
  • If you reside in an apartment or smaller space, having the option to store a crate is a handy space saver when it’s not in use.


Collapsible dog crates are great for a variety of purposes, but they do have some drawbacks.

  • Like a lot of dog crates, collapsible crates can be ugly. Metal collapsible crates can resemble cages, and those made from plastic or fabric can look cheap.
  • If you buy a cheap one, or worse, a knockoff, its moving parts are likely to be of poor quality and could break down or malfunction in a way that could potentially cause harm to your dog. Then you’d also have to buy another crate, which would be a waste of your time and money.
  • Because collapsible dog crates are made from a range of materials, they don’t serve all needs of all dogs. Soft collapsible dog crates or wooden collapsible dog crates can be more challenging to clean than metal and more vulnerable to destruction from chewing or scratching. (These crates are better suited to dogs who have already been crate trained.)
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A Quick Word on Size

Collapsible dog crates come in as many sizes as there are dogs. To keep your dog comfortable but still offer the den-like experience, Kate LaSala, a New York City–based dog trainer, behavior consultant, and owner of Rescued By Training, advises that “the crate be just large enough for the dog to be able to stand up and turn around. And that’s for any breed.”

Be aware of your dog’s measurements and pay special attention to the dimensions of your crate before purchase. Likewise, note the crate’s weight capacity and be sure it corresponds to your dog. LaSala also mentions that if you have a growing puppy, “consider a crate that has a divider, so the crate can grow with your dog.”

The End Game

It’s important to remember that the goal with any crate is to make your dog feel safe and secure.

“With proper crate training, the dog will see the crate as a happy, safe place and voluntarily go into the crate,” LaSala says.

Successful crate training equals a happy dog, which equals a happy owner, so you’ll want to choose a collapsible dog crate with care and consideration.

Our Picks for the Best Collapsible Dog Crates

Now that you know a little more about collapsible dog crates, read on for our picks for some of the best options available in 2021.

It’s heavy-duty, but it’s also collapsible. This metal crate is made with thick, sturdy metal wire and features a fold-and-carry design with a handle for easy disassembly and transport. 

This option is available in different sizes, with the option of one door or two. Smaller-size crates feature doors with a single latch, and the larger sizes feature double latches on the doors. A plastic bottom pan slides out for easy cleanup, and an optional divider allows the crate to grow with your pup.

Frisco dog crate

Frisco Heavy Duty Fold and Carry Single Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

A heavy duty, secure crate for your dog. Comes in several sizes!

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This versatile, soft, collapsible dog crate is made from double weave, water-resistant mesh fabric and includes mesh windows for ventilation. Constructed with a top and front door, this crate also contains a steel frame, so it’s a great option for vehicle travel. PetNation’s soft crate sets up or folds down in seconds for easy transport and storage. 

soft dog crate

PetNation Port-A-Crate Indoor and Outdoor Home

This lightweight, portable crate is comfortable for both you and your dog.

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Just right for medium dogs (45 pounds and under), Tucker Murphy’s solid fir wood crate is a snap to put together and store. Simply fold or unfold and voila! You’re all set to create a space for your pup at home, or store the crate with your luggage on your next road trip and bring your doggo’s home along. This crate has two entrances—a lockable door in front and a solid folding door on top. It also looks great in your home.

Wooden folding crate

Tucker Murphy Pet Gulley Wooden Portable Foldable Crate

This nice-looking home decor-style wooden crate folds up for easy storage.

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Available in a double- or single-door option, this metal crate comes in several sizes ranging from 22 inches to 48 inches. Collapsible for storage and transport, the crate also comes with a removable plastic pan in case your pup has an accident. A divider allows you to adjust the size of the crate as your dog grows.

Crate with double doors

MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate

Not only does this crate fold, it has a handle, making it easy to move around.

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Not only is this crate collapsible, but it’s also expandable. Tucker Murphy Pet’s soft dog crate comes in four colors and five different sizes. Two mesh side panels unzip to reveal more space, perfect for giving your pet some extra room or for crating more than one dog. The nylon shell is reinforced with a metal frame that also folds down, and the crate includes a zippered pouch on top for your pup’s stuff.

pop up soft crate

Tucker Murphy Pet Bartsch Collapsible Dual-Sided Crate

This soft-sided crate has two pop-out sides to make it extra roomy for your pet.

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The wire and wood styling in this collapsible dog crate make for an attractive addition to your home because it doubles as an end table or stand. Available in medium and large sizes, slide the panels out and connect the pins to transform this space from a crate to a gate. In any configuration, it folds up easily for quick storage.

Wooden crate

Merry Products 2-in-1 Configurable Crate and Gate

If you want a crate that will fit in with your other home decor, this is a great option.

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This collapsible dog crate from EliteField is made of sturdy, breathable polyester around a lightweight, durable steel frame. It’s a great choice for pups who get claustrophobic, since it has three mesh doors that circulate fresh air and offer clear visibility into the surrounding area. As an added bonus, it’s easy to clean—both the cover and fleece mat are removable and washable.

Collapsible Elitefield crate for dogs

EliteField Three-Door Collapsible Soft-Sided Crate

This crate prioritizes visibility and ventilation with three zippered mesh doors and a removable (and washable) fleece bed.

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