Diwali shopping with jerry || happy Diwali || funny dog video,

in today’s video jerry and anshu are going to Diwali shopping.
I have 1 request for the rott family. Please help the street vendors. the need your help. promote Indian products.

plz comment down below about your pat and your loving moments and favorite part and plz don’t skip the video.
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Rotweiler Dog is a very good family dog ​​as well as a very good guard dog.Children are not at any risk from the Rotweiler Dog. This is what I am trying to tell in this video.my dog is a well trained dog,it is very difficult to teach the prpoper guard command to the dog, so please do not try it at home.Now we have a new family member.that we are waiting for a long time.we are blased that we are get baby girl.my dog rottweiler jerry is very happy to meet new born baby for the first time.we are trying to show you the reaction of jerry to meet baby girl.

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