Dogs vs Zombie Baby Daycare: Funny Dogs Maymo & Potpie vs EPIC Zombie Babies Apocalypse on Halloween

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Watch Cute Dogs Maymo & Potpie vs Zombie Babies Apocalypse for Halloween! These funny dogs are reading the newspaper when they come across an ad for babysitting….the two jump at the opportunity, getting to the daycare as soon as possible to start their jobs in childcare…but when the door opens, something is off, as there is a zombie standing there staring at them. He leaves them alone and the funny dogs begin their job- only it isn’t a normal daycare, it’s a zombie baby daycare! The two dogs have fun watching the little zombies, pushing them in a tire swing, watching them skateboard, and feeding them healthy meals. This may be the cutest zombie video you’ve ever seen! Happy Halloween!

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“Happiest Camper on Earth” by Stationary Sign
“Shark Waters” by Experia
“Haunted Mansions” by Stationary Sign
“Ghost Stories,” “Klezmerized,” and “Looney Horse” by Mike Franklyn

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