There’s a New Dating App Just for Cat People


It’s #nationalcatday, and what better way to celebrate your love of cats than with the one you love—assuming they share your love of cats, that is.

For single cat lovers seeking that special someone, a new app, Tabby – The Cat Person’s Dating App, hopes to make them easier to find by connecting like-minded feline aficionados in a space where cat ownership isn’t a date deal-breaker, but a matchmaker.

“I hope that the app breaks stereotypes about there not being good guys out there that also love cats, because there are,” says Sterling “TrapKing” Davis, Tabby Brand Manager & Director of Rescue and Nonprofit Integration. “I grew up being told that girls should have cats and boys should have dogs. I hope the app breaks that stereotype because the truth is, we all need love.”

Leigh Isaacson D’Angelo, Co-Founder and CEO of Tabby (who also founded Dig – The Dog Person’s Dating App, with her sister, Casey Isaacson) will attempt to secure funding for the app tonight on Shark Tank. The app launched August 8 (International Cat Day) of last year.

The app functions like many other dating apps, except profiles feature both humans and their kitty companion(s). Even those who don’t have a cat, but are “cat curious” or interested in a cat-forward lifestyle can join. Users can filter potential matches by those who currently have a cat(s) and/or by who wants one—or two, or three—eventually. In addition to possibly finding the purrfect match, users also receive exclusive access to pet company deals and the inside scoop on cat-friendly locations and events.

The app is free to join, with an option for a premium membership. Tabby also partners with non-profits to help adoptable cats find their forever homes.

“Pet-lovers of all kinds understand the importance of finding someone who will love your dog or cat as much as you do. We’re bringing that to the dating world,” D’Angelo says. “No matter what happens on Shark Tank, we’re excited to tell the world we’re not kitten around.”

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