TOP 10 Tips How To Take Care of a New Puppy

Sometimes it is pretty hard to take proper care about puppies. In this video i will give you 10 great advices, how to take care of your new puppy

Puppy Bath:

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The most important thing is health, obviously. You should regularly check your puppy health, especially the eyes (if they are not turning red) and the ears (if they are clean). You should also check puppy teeth, fur and their poops.

To keep puppy healthy, its important to properly bath and groom them. Bathing is important, but it can be dangerous. Make sure, that the shampoo and water does not get into puppy eyes and ears. The brushing is actually not that necessary for small puppies, but when they get little bit older, you should brush their coat at least once a week. But this really depends on the breed.

You should do all this prevention, but even puppies can have some more serious health problems. It is very important to have reliable veterinarian. And you will need a veterinarina, because little puppies need devorming and some vaccination. The best way to find good veterinary is simply ask other people with dogs, they will definitely help you.

Another important thing about taking care of a puppy is training and socialization. Little puppies get distracted very easily, so you need to keep the training sessions short and fun. Be very patient and never punish your little puppy. Socialization is even more important than training. Start easy and meet your friends and family with your dog, after that you can show the puppy some other dogs, animals or strangers.

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