The Dog Mom Clothing That’ll Repel Pet Hair, Claws, and Dirt With Style

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt like a human lint roller when all you wanted was a simple cuddle with your favorite pet? Or how about walking away from a seemingly purrfect encounter with a cat only to find tiny holes in your favorite shirt? That’s why we’re rolling out the best dog mom clothing that can both stand up to our furry friends and also let us enjoy their company comfortably.

When it comes to physical contact with cats and dogs, the biggest and most common offender is pet hair and fur. It gets everywhere: in and on clothes, bedsheets, cars, couch cushions, your mouth. Even the chicest, put-together outfit can be rendered shabby with enough hair on it.

Luckily, there’s a bit of a trick to shopping when you have animals (and it’s better than the family-size pack of lint rollers). Here is what I’ve learned:

  • In general, fabrics such as chiffon, silk, and satin repel hair like it’s their job. These fabrics are good for light contact with pets.
  • Spandex and synthetic fabrics like nylon and poly blends generally resist shedded hair well, with the added benefit of being a little more durable than the more delicate materials above which are more prone to holes and not advisable for cat moms.
  • Denim, denim, denim. One of the hardest-working materials in the pet-proof apparel game. Jeans, jackets, skirts: you will get your money’s worth with any of these staples in your wardrobe.
  • Other materials such as leather, faux-leather, and vinyl fabrics also stand up better to wear, tear, and random pouncings from paws with claws.

We’ve got some great picks for stylish, versatile clothing that’s durable and fur-resistant. So check out our picks, grab those jeans or joggers (we won’t judge your cozy pants: we kinda wrote the book on it!) and live your life, snuggles and all!

The Best Dog Mom Clothing: Lounge and Sleepwear

‘Cool Dog Mom’ T-Shirt 

When in doubt, nothing beats a trusty poly-cotton tee for your pet hangouts. This soft but durable t-shirt is ready for some snuggle time with the fur babies—just brush off the evidence after (or throw it in the washer).

Shop on the Rover Store

dog mom robe

Who needs to get fully dressed when you can look this chic? This pretty robe is not only comfy to lounge in, but the rayon material makes it durable and fur-resistant so it’s safe for pet snuggles on the sofa or in bed.

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woman in green Patagonia Capilene dog mom clothing

This super-soft tech fabric t-shirt stands up to serious pet playtime. Plus it’s got some stretch so you and your pup can go from lounging to walking or hiking and back again. Available in seven colors, there’s also a sleeveless style and a long sleeve version.

Shop at Patagonia

woman in trench coat and black Everlane Perform legging

Another piece of dog mom clothing that helps keep the dog hair away is also a sure-fire wardrobe staple: leggings. Pull ’em on for a dog walk or your next Zoom meeting with a nice top.

Made from recycled nylon and elastane, this high-waisted pair also rocks sweat-wicking technology, very few seams, and a hidden pocket.

Shop on Everlane

tie-dye pastel AE high-waisted sport shorts

Hit the dog park in the morning with these lightweight tie-dye nylon shorts (also available in black) and keep on sportin’ them straight to your desk or sofa. Nylon tends to hold up well against wear, so your lap cat’s claws won’t phase it and hairs just brush off.

Shop on American Eagle

Uniqlo Rayon Print Short-Sleeve Pajamas 

Do you sleep with your animals? Same. While the snuggles are SO real, so are the layers of hair and fur you wake up to. So when you slide off into dreamland, pick a set of sleepwear, like these silky soft satin-woven rayon jammies, that’ll let the dog hair slide right off too.

Shop on Uniqlo

Champion sweatshirt for dog moms

You can’t go wrong with this unfailing classic sweatshirt from Champion. A cotton-poly blend, this sturdy pet-ready casual comes in several different colors. Brush off hair or easily toss it in the washing machine or dryer.

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burgundy GapFit dog mom joggers

Pants without elastic waistbands? Who needs ’em! Joggers are some of the most versatile pants around—perfect for a good lounge sesh at home, or an inevitable grocery run when you run out of chips and coffee. Choose from several comfy earth tone hues in sturdy, breathable fabric that’s also moisture-wicking. Also, gotta love a drawstring for extra adjustability.

Find at Gap

seamless black long-sleeve bodysuit

Made sustainably from a super smooth polyamide-elastane blend, this light but durable wardrobe staple is great for layering and moving around—like getting your daily steps in by dancing around the living room with your furry pals. Two rows of snap closures for easy adjustability and a seamless overall design make it a breeze to wear.

Shop on Cuyana

V-Neck Print Cami Romper

Slip it on, slip it off—and slip the pet fur right off, too! Not only is this romper super-duper comfy, but it’s a one-and-done outfit that doesn’t require a lot of thought. Made in a relaxed fit from rayon, this casual piece comes in several sweet patterns.

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Long Satin Robe and Chemise Set

Believe it or not, another viable sleepwear option when battling pet hair is a chemise. Slipping on a colorful little satin number not only makes you feel classier (or is that just me?), it also doesn’t pick up nearly as much pet dander as other materials.

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The Best Dog Mom Clothing: Workwear and Outings

Levi's skinny jeans

These particular pants are rumored to be pretty good at repelling dog and cat hair; while we can’t prove that per se, we can claim many Levi’s fans among the Rover crew. The rugged denim brand is known for durable, hard-wearing properties that stand up to jumping dogs, nipping puppies, and even flailing claws. These are available in a range of colors and sizes.

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Columbia Women's Silver Ridge Lite dog mom clothing top

You can never have too many button-ups in your closet. Available in several colors and patterns, Columbia’s high-tech fabric clothing does quadruple duty with a treated antimicrobial material that protects you against doggie germs; vented and sweat-wicking features; UPF 40; and convenient roll-up sleeves for those “get ‘er done” jobs often encountered by dog moms.

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Faux Leather Pencil Midi Skirt

This faux leather pull-on pencil skirt with back slit is business- and party- (Zoom or otherwise) appropriate. Grab a silk or chiffon top, and this whole outfit will not only be trendy—but completely pet hair repellent as well.

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Levi’s Ex-Boyfriend Denim Trucker Jacket 

This tough denim jacket is good for both urban and prairie cowgirls and boys, and is a great dog mom clothing layer for casual outings. It’s also handy for fending off the fur from impromptu dog snuggles.

Shop on Urban Outfitters

Banana Republic Factory Tencel Shirt Dress dog mom clothing

Tencel, or lyocell, is a durable material made from cellulose fibers (usually trees or bamboo) and it’s great at repelling pet hair and even puncture holes from claws. Even though it’s heavier-duty, it feels great to wear and hangs nicely, too. This shirt dress comes in indigo and black in a variety of sizes. Throw it on over some pet-proof leggings when it’s time to go out.

Shop on Banana Republic Factory

Everlane ReNew Anorak dog mom clothing

This affordable raincoat is an absolute classic; it comes in different colors and is a practical, cute choice for everything from it-might-rain strolls with the pup to the office. It’s made of recycled polyester and has a water-resistant finish that sheds moisture, dirt, and pet hair.

Shop on Everlane

The Best Dog Mom Clothing: Shoes and Accessories

Sorel Ella Casual Sandal

Made from tough materials including leather, rubber, and stretchy gore straps, slide these puppies (get it?) on for your next dog park visit. Not only are they sturdy walking shoes, they’re super stylish and come in an array of hues so you can take them straight from your dog walk to your next errand.

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Vince Camuto Colorblock Polka Dot Square Silk Scarf

A standout scarf is a must-have accessory. It can take an outfit from meh to marvelous and adds a touch of sophistication. This printed beauty is 100% silk, so it’ll easily resist clumps of pet hair however you wear it. But beware cat moms—silk is not resistant to kitty claws.

Shop on Nordstrom Rack

Everlane Forever Slip-On Sneaker for Dog Moms  

Made from durable organic cotton in several soft tone hues paired with thick rubber soles, these kicks are just the thing if you’re feeling a little sporty on your next doggy adventure. Plus, they’re machine washable, so you don’t have to worry when you’re dog drags you through that nice, big puddle.

Shop on Everlane

Herschel brown and black duffel bag

Good for road trips, camping, and even picnics with your dog—the bag (which comes in a variety of colors) is 100% polyester, which is known for hair, fur, and dirt-wicking properties.

Find on Amazon

Blondo Vance waterproof bootie, dog mom clothing

When facing cold temps and the elements, you’re going to want a fashionable pair of closed-toe boots that can take on rain, mud, and whatever else you and your dog encounter. We love that Blondo’s sturdy suede-style boots are totally waterproof, insulated, and sport a low heel so they’re versatile for all your walk, work, or errand needs.

Shop on Zappos

The Rover Store cloth face masks, set of five

A must-have accessory: masks! These combine a polyester exterior from which you can easily swipe off pet hair and a comfy cotton lining; ear loops are adjustable. This set of five gives you some options for your day—there are adorable animal noses and pet doodles to complement the rest of your (hopefully) hair-free outfit.

Shop at the Rover Store

Bonus! A Few Dog Mom Clothing Items for…Dog Dads!?

Yes, it’s true: It’s not just dog moms who can appreciate a well-made, pet hair-resistant article of clothing. Scroll on for a few men’s style options.

If you’ve seen a Carhartt jacket in person, you know how incredibly durable they are. A crumbling building couldn’t dent this jacket, let alone a rambunctious cat or dog. 100% rugged cotton and made in the USA, these coats are built tough and ready for wear, whether at the job site or playtime with the pets. (If you prefer a slimmer cut, they make them for gals, too.)

Find on Amazon

I can’t get enough of Columbia’s patented fur-wicking—err, I mean sweat-wicking—fabric. Like the women’s long sleeve option listed earlier, the men’s style comes in colors for spring and summer outdoor activities or work that easily transition into quality hang time with the pet fam.

Find on Amazon

Ah, denim. What can’t it do? In this case, denim may just replace the dog as a pet owner’s best friend. Sturdy and thick, scrapes and holes from little paws and teeth won’t touch ’em. Denim also doesn’t track any kind of pet hair, so you can grab those classic Levi 501s and put that tired lint roller away.

Find on Amazon

Final Thoughts

While keeping your wardrobe free of pet hair and claw holes is an admirable life goal, the reality is that living with pets is often messy and unpredictable. On the bright side, our pets bring us so much joy it’s hard to imagine life without them—snags, tears, pet hair, and all.

However, with a few common-sense precautions and a sturdy wardrobe, you’ll be one of the best-prepared (and dressed) dog moms on the block.

Consider these cat and dog mom clothing hacks:

  • Keep an old fleece or sweater near the door or another handy place to cover up for serious snuggling. My editor calls hers the “falcon glove.” It’ll keep your cats from digging and clawing into your nice clothes (and your skin, too), and you won’t care how much fur gets on it.
  • The blanket technique: When you’re getting cozy on the couch and your furry BFF comes looking for your lap, keep a basket of old throw blankets close to cover up before your fur baby makes his or her grand entrance.

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