7 Best Brushes for Huskies

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With thick coats that keep them warm in the most extreme of cold conditions, Huskies are—unsurprisingly—remarkable shedders. Like many long-haired, cold-weather dogs, Huskies have a double coat consisting of external “guard hairs” that give the dogs their coloring and appearance, and a soft, insulating inner coat to regulate their temperature. This layered system helps a Husky stay cool in summer and warm in winter, but it also presents a challenge for their owners. Managing all that hair requires a committed owner—and a good brush for Huskies.

The good news is that Huskies don’t shed year-round. Twice a year, when the temperatures transition from cold to warm and back again, Huskies shed their undercoat, making room for new, seasonally-appropriate insulation. This process is rapid, often lasting just a couple of weeks, and is often referred to as a “blow out.”

During heavy shedding periods, you’ll likely be working overtime just to manage the amount of hair coming off your dog. The rest of the year, experts recommend that you brush your Husky at least once a week to keep their beautiful coat well-groomed.

We’ve got some of the best brushes for Huskies available to help manage your dog’s thick hair during a blow out—and the rest of the year too.

Best Brushes for Huskies’ Seasonal Transitions

Thunderpaws Professional De-Shedding Tool and Grooming Brush

A deshedding tool designed for double coats is an essential piece of your Husky grooming toolkit, as it helps to surface loose undercoat hair without damaging the guard coat.

This brush has a stainless-steel blade that almost looks like a dense comb. The blades are short, which can fool some into thinking it won’t make a dent in a long-haired dog’s coat. But if you give it a shot, we think you’ll be impressed (like this once-skeptical reviewer).

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FURminator Long Hair Dog Deshedding Tool

FURminator is one of the top names in dog brushes, with high-quality tools designed by groomers. Like the Thunderpaws brush, this deshedding tool features a stainless steel edge that promises to reach through the top coat to get at the undercoat and loose hair beneath.

The brush’s design ensures that it won’t damage your dog’s top coat or their skin, and many reviewers note that their Huskies actually seem to enjoy being brushed with it. As a bonus, the curved handle promises human comfort too—plus it features a “FURejector” button intended to release hair from the mechanism.

The brush comes in three sizes; medium or large are likely the best options for a Husky.

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JW Pet Company GripSoft Double Row Undercoat Rake

Rakes are another popular option for Huskies, with long, well-spaced teeth that move through the outer coat to catch loose hair underneath.

This rake is one of the more affordable deshedding options on the market, and it does double-duty for Huskies. Two rows of teeth with different lengths ensure a thorough brushing that pulls away loose hair while also smoothing the outer coat. Angled, rounded teeth ensure that your dog’s hair gets raked (not their delicate skin), while a rubber handle offers comfort and precision for you.

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Blue grooming gloves with silicone nubs

Some of the best brushes for Huskies aren’t brushes at all. While grooming gloves may not get under your dog’s guard coat and loosen up the fur as effectively as a deshedding tool, they can be very effective in removing loose hair that has already surfaced, both on your dog and on the furniture.

The palms of these knit gloves are covered with hundreds of soft silicone nubs. The nubs loosen dead hair, which clings to the gloves like a magnet. For your dog, it’ll just feel like an extended and extra deep petting session.

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Year-Round Brushes for Huskies

Frisco Metal Dog Comb

When it’s not shedding season, Huskies coats are quite low maintenance. Often a wide-tooth comb is all you need to break up any tangles or matting in your Husky’s fur. This stainless steel version is simple, affordable, and offers two options for teeth spacing.

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Babyliss Pro Pet Bristle Paddle Pet Brush

After using a comb to tackle any tangles, a paddle brush is a great option for all-around smoothing and fluffing of your Husky’s coat. This brush looks like something you’d keep in your bathroom for your own hair, and it works the same way too. The soft bristles glide over your dog’s coat, smoothing the hair and helping to distribute the natural oils that keep it healthy.

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HERTZKO Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Slicker brushes are another option to smooth the coat, distribute oils, and brush away dirt and loose hair. The bristles on this popular model retract, which not only protects them in storage but makes cleaning a breeze. When you pull the bristles in, all of the hair remains on the outside of the brush, allowing you to simply wipe it away.

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