The 11 Best Products to Keep Your Dog from Turning Your Lawn Brown

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If you have a dog, it’s safe to say the grass really is greener on the other side. Dog lovers, you know the struggle—no matter how much we tend to our lawns, they’ll forever be mottled with unsightly brown and yellow patches, all thanks to our dog’s nitrogen-rich urine. So how can you fix dog lawn spots?

It’s possible—you can be a devoted dog owner and still maintain a beautiful, patch-free lawn.

To reclaim your green space, here’s a handy guide with a range of solutions for every pet parent.

How To Tell if Your Dog Is Killing Your Grass

Before you take any measures to curb your dog’s grass-killing behavior, you should confirm that he is, in fact, the guilty party.

To determine if your dog’s pee is killing the greenery or if your lawn is just diseased, yank at the discolored grass. If the root structure stays intact and gives you some resistance, then your dog is likely to blame. If, however, the grass comes up easily, your lawn could be diseased.

Another clue is the color of the grass surrounding the burned patch. If the outer edges of the burned grass are bright green, then it’s probably the result of your dog’s urine.

Canine Supplements To Fix Dog Lawn Spots at the Source

If you’re over the unsightly blemishes covering your lawn, supplements may be able to help. By neutralizing the nitrogen in your dog’s urine, they can minimize the damage it inflicts on your grass. But just as with any dietary change, you should proceed with caution. Before adding any supplements to your dog’s routine, consult with your veterinarian first.

Many of these supplements contain DL Methionine, an amino acid that can be harmful if your pet has certain pre-existing conditions such as liver or kidney disease. You should also wait on your vet’s green light if your dog has had a kidney or bladder stone in the past.

Final caveat: Make sure you’re patient with these. Results won’t be immediate—give them time to work! Visible results typically don’t show up until after a few weeks.

Jar of Grass Green with a Golden Retriever on the label

For a dog-spot free lawn that’s the envy of all the neighbors, check out these duck-flavored chews from PetHonesty. These supplements combine a blend of enzymes and probiotics to support healthy digestion and reduce the nitrogen levels in your dog’s urine. And bonus: they’re made with all-natural ingredients, like apple cider vinegar.

Key Features:

  • Can help with dogs who struggle with tummy troubles like vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, and stomach aches
  • Made for dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds
  • Made in the USA
  • Does NOT contain GMOs, wheat, corn, soy, or preservatives

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Jar of NutriVet Grass Guard for dogs


Keep your lawn green and vibrant with these chewable tablets formulated by veterinarians (though it’s still a good idea to check with yours). With a custom blend of botanicals, probiotics, amino acids, and digestive enzymes, Grass Guard is designed to neutralize high pH levels in urine, protecting your grass from dog lawn spots and burns.

Key Features: 

  • Promotes digestive health
  • Comes in 2 sizes: 150 count and 365 count
  • Made with added vitamins and minerals
  • Enticing liver flavor

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Bag of Pet Naturals Lawn Aid

The makers of Pet Naturals are proud to offer products packed with pure, potent ingredients—you won’t find fillers like wheat, corn, or artificial ingredients here. A combination of cranberry extract, yucca (an herb that binds ammonia), and brewer’s yeast helps to keep your lawn green and lush all summer long.

One thing to note about these supplements is that the brewer’s yeast has a mild diuretic effect, meaning your dog will be headed out to do his business more frequently than before. On the flip side, all that pee won’t do as much damage to the grass, resulting in fewer dog lawn spots.

Key Features: 

  • Cranberry extract supports urinary tract health
  • Brewer’s yeast contains B vitamins
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages

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Jar of Green Lawn Immune Bites for reducing dog lawn spots

With these potent Immune Bites, you can prevent unsightly yellow spots on your lawn AND work toward keeping your dog healthy. Made with all-natural ingredients, these chews bolster your pup’s immune system against urinary tract infections while promoting digestive health.

Key Features:

  • This powerful probiotic contains nearly 6 billion CFUs (colony forming units) to encourage healthy digestion
  • Contains zero harmful or synthetic additives, dyes, grains, sugar, and preservatives
  • 170 bites per bottle
  • Made in the USA

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Products To Train Your Dog To Pee in a Designated Area:

If you love the look of a lush green lawn but would rather not add supplements to your pup’s diet, there are other solutions available to fix dog lawn spots. One of the most effective ways to keep your grass looking fresh is to train your dog to pee elsewhere.

If you’re up for the challenge of training your dog, you can create a specific “pee area” out of gravel or mulch. Just don’t use mulch made from cocoa bean hulls. It may look and smell lovely, but it can be toxic to dogs. Or you can train your dog to pee in an area of the yard that sees less traffic, perhaps behind a shed.

Here are some items that will make training your dog to relieve himself in a designated area much easier.

Patch of artificial grass

Instead of giving your dog free rein of the yard, encourage him to do his business on a designated plot of faux grass. This artificial grass mat and tray system from Frisco provides a surface for your dog to pee, instead of leaving yellow dog spots all over the lawn.

Keep your grass “potty” on the patio or in the yard and train your dog to relieve himself on it. To keep things fresh, empty the plastic base at least once a day, then clean the base and the grass with mild dish soap and water and let things dry overnight.

To prevent any lingering odors, try to make a habit of regularly hosing off the mat.

Key Features:

  • Realistic, natural feel
  • Layered system with plastic insert that drains liquid for easy cleanup
  • Can be used indoors for puppies in potty-training

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Spray bottle with potty training aid SoPhresh

So you’ve decided to train your furry friend to go potty in an inconspicuous spot. Great. How do you get him to cooperate? For starters, check out this Go Right Here spray from Petco brand So Phresh. A few strategic spritzes should encourage your dog to use his designated pee station. Just spray the spot you’ve chosen for his potty, whether it’s a bed of mulch or a patch of artificial grass, and your dog should be enticed to use it instead of making dog lawn spots everywhere else.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for both indoor or outdoor use
  • Concentrated, long-lasting formula
  • Keep in mind: all dogs are different, and some will respond to training spray, while others will not

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Fire hydrant lawn ornament

I mean, why not train your dog to relieve himself near a charming fire hydrant replica? Even if he resists the idea, this piece doubles as a darling lawn ornament.

Key Features: 

  • Hand-cast using real crushed stone
  • Topped with UV resistant red paint
  • Measures 8″ x 7″ x 14″  and weighs two pounds
  • Authentic design

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Products To Fix Dog Lawn Spots and Damaged Grass:

If your lawn is already damaged and needs some sprucing up, we’ve got you covered. Check out these rejuvenating lawn care items:

Jug of Revive for fixing dog lawn spots

This handy spray nozzle bottle can give your lawn the boost it needs. By breaking up loose soil and increasing water penetration, Revive strengthens your grass and promotes root development. It also moves fertilizer deeper into the roots, leaving you with luscious, vigorous green grass.

Key Features: 

  • Perfect for spot-treating smaller areas
  • Composed of organic Lignosulfate
  • Saves water
  • Made in the USA

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Bag of Fescue Grass Seed

To give your lawn the best chance of survival, plant a hardy, urine-resistant grass, like tall fescue. Bred to withstand heat and drought, this seed blend from Scotts should be able to handle your dog’s abuse and keep lawn spots at bay.

Key Features:

  • Designed to thrive in harsh summer conditions
  • Coating absorbs more water
  • Comes in bags of 3, 7, 20, and 40 pounds

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Temporary Cosmetic Solutions To Fix Dog Lawn Spots:

Spray bottle of lawn star for fixing dog lawn spots

For a temporary fix when you’re hosting your daughter’s graduation party, give this grass paint by LawnStar a whirl. With its pre-mixed solution, spot-treating brown spots couldn’t be easier. Reviewers do caution that it’s a good idea to keep it away from cement, though, if you’re not looking for a festive green touch for the occasion.

Key Features:

  • Safe for kids, pets, and plants
  • Natural, lush green hue
  • Intended for touch-ups, not to paint your entire lawn

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Man sprays Outdoor Odor Repair on dog lawn spots

While this odor eliminator from Simple Green won’t rid your lawn of its wretched bare patches, it will make your yard smell more inviting. Formulated with natural enzymes, this spray banishes odors at the source. It’s safe to use on grass, gravel, artificial turf, patios, and more.

Key Features:

  • Affordable price
  • Hose attachment nozzle for easy application
  • Eliminates odors at the source instead of covering them up

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