Firefighters Save Terrified Dog Trapped In Narrow Drain Pipe


A Hound mix named Hubie was at Millenium Park in Boston, Massachusetts, with his dog walker when something spooked him. He escaped and found shelter in the safest place possible. Unfortunately, his hiding spot ended up being a 16-inch drain pipe, which was just barely rounder than him. He could squeeze into the pipe, but there was no going back.

Several agencies arrived to rescue Hubie, but it ended up being a bit more difficult than anticipated. It took over two hours to free him, and luckily, he walked away from the scary incident unfazed.

Dog rescued from drain pipe

Firefighters Hurry to the Rescue

Boston fire crews came to help save the dog, along with the help of the National Grid, Boston Water and Sewer Commission, and Boston Drain Company. The crews said that the dog was a little overweight, so he could just barely squeeze into the pipe. Backing up or turning around weren’t options for him.

Firefighters dug into the dirt and drilled holes in the pipes to find the dog’s location. Yet, the loud sounds only spooked Hubie and caused him to scurry further into the pipe. So, they also had to drill holes in front of him to make sure he didn’t squeeze past them. Then, they used cameras to pinpoint his exact location.

Firefighters save dog from storm drain

“They used a camera and some other equipment and made holes in the pipe and could track the dog,” said Brian Alkins of Boston Fire. “We used a backhoe from National Grid to dig past the dog.”

After about two hours of working, rescuers pulled Hubie to safety through a manhole.

Firefighters dig hole to save dog

Dog Escapes Without a Scratch

Hubie’s family and dog walker were relieved to see that he’s safe. He wasn’t harmed, and he was happy to be reunited with his family right away. They couldn’t believe that so many people helped rescue their furry friend.

“Everybody came together in the city for a common cause and it came out positive,” Alkins said. “The dog was in great shape. He was happy to be out and happy to see his owners.”

Rescued dog goes home

Reports say that the bars at the end of the drain pipe meet industry standards, but they will be upgraded soon. The city will add diagonal bars to prevent more pets from getting trapped inside. Hubie was incredibly lucky, but not every animal would be. So, it’s best to take extra precautions to protect more dogs.

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