Our 8 Favorite Halloween Cat Collars to Get You in the Spirit

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Halloween cat collars are the quickest and easiest way to get your kitty to take part in the seasonal festivities. No need for your cat to hunt down their own spiders—these collars have ’em (along with pumpkins, ghosts, and bats) in abundance.

Treat Your Cat to a Collar

Cat collars are a great idea, no matter what the season. Keep your kitty safe with an ID tag or, if you have an outdoor kitty, equip them with a GPS or RFID tag so you can keep tabs on them. Collars with bells help keep the local birds safe too.

And, speaking of safety, the ASPCA has some tips for Halloween safety for your cat and other critters. Keep candies for people out of the reach of pets (especially chocolates and sugar-free candies with xylitol). Make sure your cat (especially curious kittens) can’t get at candles or other open flames. And, most importantly, keep cats in secure areas so they can’t dart out the door when trick-or-treaters or party guests arrive. Even cats accustomed to being outdoors can get frightened by Halloween activities.

Not all cats are willing to dress up in full Halloween costumes, but most are more than happy to switch their usual collar for a collar with a Halloween theme. We’ve scoured the shops to find some clever collars that will make your kitty the life of the Halloween party—or at least coordinate with your own Halloween finery.

The Best Halloween Cat Collars

Just about any cat will enjoy wearing the traditional collars on this list. If your cat is a bit more adventurous with costumes, we’ve got some bows, bowties, and even a spectacular lion’s mane that will make for some unforgettable Halloween pics.

Spiderweb collar with green webbed bowtie

You get a lot of costume effect with this collar because of the neon green bow tie, complete with velvety spiderweb. Definitely not for the arachnophobic household! While this collar is long on adorable, it’s short on durable, according to purchasers’ reviews. So best to save this one for a party or trick-or-treat outing.

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Orange cat colalr with webs, skulls, and pumpkins

This Chewy-exclusive Disney collar is an attention-catching orange with a breakaway clasp for safety. The fabric is durable polyester and the design features pumpkins and spider webs. Easily adjustable, it will fit adults cats of all sizes.

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Waaag collar with crescent moon design

This bewitching collar is perfect for stargazers and magic enthusiasts—and affordable. It has a breakaway clasp for safety and is available in seven colors, including the Halloween-appropriate black. Reviewers caution that the clasp is on the stiff side, so it’s a better option for heftier cats than kittens.

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Chukchi rhinestone collar for cats

Is your cat a Disney princess? Her Highness will adore this soft velvet collar set with diamante rhinestones. It’s available in many colors—perfect for cats with discerning taste. You don’t need to forego safety with this pretty collar—an elastic insert will enable your cat to get free if the collar snags on something.

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Here’s another basic collar with a sinister Halloween vibe. The black collar with flying ghosts is perfect for the holiday and durable enough to wear year-round. The polyester collar adjusts to fit adult cats of all sizes.

Frisco Halloween collar with ghosts and "boo!"

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We admit it may be stretching it a bit to call this a “collar,” but this delightful lion costume slips on and secures with elastic—just like a collar. This is perfect if you’ve always wondered what your short-haired cat would look like as a longhair.

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Cats in cardboard box with spooky bowties

Can’t make up your mind? This popular two-pack of Halloween cat collars gives you a seasonal pumpkin motif with your choice of white or purple backgrounds. A breakaway clasp keeps your kitty safe.

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ruffled cat collar in Halloween print

This one-size-fits-all ruffle-style collar with bells is so light (and so similar to a regular cat collar) that even costume-averse kitties should be able to enjoy the festivities. Built-in elastic makes it easy to slip on and off, while printed pumpkins, ghosts, and cats capture the fun of the season.

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