Sweet Senior Dog Thinks Family Adopted Kitten Just For Him


Guinness is a good boy. He loves his family, both the humans and his dog siblings. And judging by the frost on his handsome face, he’s been taking care of his fam for many, many years. So when his family recently grew by four little paws and a set of kitty whiskers, Guinness proved to be quite excited by the addition, thinking his family adopted a kitten just for him.

Because he’s the best dog, it was no surprise Guinness took to his new feline friend. Sure, tousling with other pups is fun, but playing with a cute kitten is new and exciting. Just look at his sweet smile!


Social Media Loves This Dog and His Kitten

Much of the social media world met Guinness and his kitten friend thanks to the Instagram account, WeRateDogs. If you’ve never seen the page before, be sure to follow it today for loads of dog fun. You can thank us later!

In their feature of Guinness and his friend, WeRateDogs said, “This is Guinness. He thinks his family adopted a kitten just for him. 14/10 nobody tell him otherwise.”


Fans agreed, leaving lots of love for Guinness in the form of more than 82,000 likes in just two days. The comments gave us gold too. One Instagram user pointed out the kitten deserved that 14/10 also. We agree! Guinness’s adorable calico kitten is some kind of cute. Here’s a couple of our favorite fan comments…

“He protecc, he not attacc, he love that kitty to the moon and bacc!!”


“He’s smitten with his kitten.”

And when the little floof isn’t hanging out with Guinness, she likes to be the “most beautiful flower in the garden!”


But don’t worry, Guinness is close at hand, keeping a sleepy eye on his little buddy while soaking up some sunshine!


It’s easy to see Guinness was all smiles about a kitten coming into the family, but what about the puppy adopted into the family last year? His mom shared he’s a “protective big brother,” but like so many sibling relationships, there is “so much jealousy.”


But Guinness isn’t jealous of his kitty baby. Nope, that’s his kitten and he’s super happy about it!

Want more dogs who love cats? Guinness isn’t the only dog who fell in love with a kitten. Meet Corbin the Great Dane. He loves little kitties so much, he’s proven to be the best kitten foster dad ever!

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Feature Image: @weratedogs/Instagram

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