The Six Best Pumpkin Treats for Cats—Fun and Nutritious

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While most Halloween goodies are an absolute no-no for your cat, pumpkin treats for cats are just fine on your holiday menu. Most cats love the taste of pumpkin—to such a degree that my cat Dim Sum once devoured the entire filling of a pumpkin pie I was about to put into the oven. (Note: Sugar and nutmeg are not approved foods for cats.)

While you should keep the holiday pies away from your cat, there are plenty of pumpkin goodies formulated especially for cats. This is the perfect season to add some to your stash of kitty treats.

Cats, Treats, and Pumpkin

For cats who are motivated by food, treats can be a key part of training. With rewards, you can encourage your cat to do things like use a crate, wear a harness, or work out on a running wheel. (This article from the Humane Society of Huron Valley has some tips on how to use treats in a training program.)

Veterinary experts recommend that treats make up no more than 10 percent of the calories in a cat’s daily diet. That said, some healthy treats—such as one-ingredient, high-protein treats—can be given more generously. Read the nutritional information and feeding recommendations on any treats that you purchase.

When it comes to pumpkin as a cat-treat ingredient, the big squash gets the thumbs up. In fact, many veterinarians recommend pumpkin to treat digestive woes. “It will get the colon moving a little better in cats predisposed to constipation,” says Dr. Angelo Maggiolo, medical director of County Animal Clinic in Yonkers, New York.

Cats can eat safely eat pumpkin raw or cooked. It’s fine on its own or in treats. But you’ll want to start with just a small amount (2-3 tablespoons) per day. Sudden changes in your cat’s diet risk intestinal upset.

The Best Pumpkin Treats for Cats

There’s no need to feel guilty if your cat is eyeing your holiday turkey or the pumpkin pie. Entertain, distract, and nourish them with any one of these delicious and nutritious pumpkin treats for cats.

Bag of fruitables tuna-flavor pumpkin cat treats

These low-calorie treats for your cat combine tuna with pumpkin for plenty of flavor, protein, and fiber. If your cat enjoys chomping down on crunchy treats, Fruitables are a fun—and nutritious—option.

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Tiki cat crunchy pumpkin treats

Tiki Cat, known for its pumpkin food topper, also offers pumpkin (paired with tempting chicken) in a crunchy cat treat. This low-calorie, high-protein treat is a great way to get more fiber (along with salmon oil and other nutrients) into your kitty’s diet.

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isTwo bags of meaty morsels with salmon and pumpkin for cats

These delicious treats are specially formulated for cats. They’re tender enough to be used to hide small pills and tasty enough to get your cat to gobble them down. Some cat owners break these big treats in half to make the fun go further.

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Bag of Emerald Pet feline dental stixx with pumpkin

These grain-free pumpkin cat treats come in chewy stick form to help clean teeth and promote dental health as your cat gnaws on them. The pumpkin in the recipe supports digestive health.

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Bag of Friskies party mix with real pumpkin

If your cat is a Friskies fan, check out this party mix featuring pumpkin. It’s made with pumpkin and chicken and fortified with vitamins and minerals. A hefty 20-ounce pouch will keep you well supplied all fall.

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Bag of whole life cat treats with salmon and pumpkin

There’s so much goodness in these high-protein, freeze-dried treats! They can also be used as a meal-topper if you have a kitty who is reluctant to eat. Living Treats for cats are made of human-grade ingredients that include salmon, pumpkin, blueberries, and cranberries.

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