Utah Ice Center Gives Dying Dog The Gift Of One Last Roll In The Snow


Maggie was a big, hardy pooch who loved going on outdoor adventures with her parents and many canine pals. Her life was filled with joy and excitement as she explored the beautiful state of Utah with those she cherished most.

When Maggie’s journey reached its final days due to terminal cancer, her humans wanted to give her one final gift. They posted to Facebook and reached out to the Salt Lake County Ice Center with an unusual request: a mound of shaved ice so Maggie could enjoy one last roll in the snow.


WARNING: Tearjerker

“Does anyone have a shaved ice machine they have put away for the season?” Maggie’s dad posted. “Our sweet dog is passing of cancer and we want to build her one last snow bank to roll in…I am hoping for about 10-20 gallons of ice I think but am thankful for anything we can get. Saying goodbye to her monday around noon so willing to pay and pickup monday morning… Maggie and both of us thank you deeply for reading this.”


The Salt Lake City Ice Center, a division of the county parks and recreation department, was happy to help. They sprang to action and went above and beyond to grant Maggie’s wish.

“This weekend, a resident contacted our Salt Lake County Ice Center seeking a little snow for their dying dog, Maggie, to play in one last time,” Parks & Recreation shared. “Today, our staff shaved some extra ice, loaded it into bins and buckets, and the owner took the snow home, to Maggie’s backyard, where she enjoyed it with her family.”

The generous folks at the ice center, which provides a venue for ice hockey leagues and figure skating, shaved an impressive pile of snow fit for a true Alpine pooch like Maggie. They even marked it with a staked sign reading “Maggie’s Snow.” You know, just in case any other pups came along and tried to claim it!


When the day arrived, Maggie’s mom and dad made mimosas and fed their sweet girl her favorite treats. From the photos, we can see that at least one of her dog pals came by to pay their respects. It was a beautiful day and the perfect way to say goodbye to their snow-loving pooch. All this, thanks to the kindness of strangers.


“Sending our love and condolences to Maggie’s family,”  Salt Lake County Parks & Recreation posted. “We appreciate the unique privilege of providing her a little heaven on earth.”

Have a peaceful journey, sweet Maggie. We hope there is plenty of snow for you to frolic in beyond the Rainbow Bridge.

H/T to People.com
Featured Image via Facebook

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