6 Best Brushes for Maine Coon Cats

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Ah, the magnificent Maine Coon cat. As big in size as they are big-hearted, Maine Coons are well-known for their loyalty, friendliness, and intelligence. Another defining trait of the Maine Coon is that gorgeous coat of thick, flowing hair (and the undercoats beneath it); it’s perhaps the only high-maintenance thing about this large, lovable breed.

Maine Coons require regular, frequent grooming and specific brushes to keep their coats from matting. Some Maine Coon fanciers even recommend bathing these beauties to help with grooming—which isn’t too big a deal, since many Maine Coons actually like water.

To help you prepare for the undertaking that is grooming one of these big lovelies, here are the six best brushes for Maine Coon cats—and their parents.

Our 6 Favorite Grooming Tools for Maine Coon Cats

Purple Furminator grooming tool

Maine Coons have a lot of hair and therefore shed a lot. The FURminator is a favorite tool for pretty much every long-haired pet owner because it can effectively reduce shedding by 90 percent. Though it may look a bit intimidating, the FURminator is easy to use and comes with very specific directions to help you figure out how best to use it for your specific needs.

Though it can be used frequently, it is most helpful during shedding season, since it can get deep into a Maine Coon’s thick undercoat. The FURminator is so effective you might consider using it in an area without furniture or carpeting—pet hair will fly!

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Blue BV dual-sided pin brush for cat grooming

Dual-sided pin brushes are ideal for the everyday maintenance of your Maine Coon cat’s plush coat. The pin side helps to prevent mats from forming, while the bristle side is great for shining and smoothing. An added bonus is that the pins stimulate circulation and promote the growth of healthy hair.

These brushes are generally easy to remove hair from, but you’ll want to wash them every so often, since dirt can settle at the bases of the pins. The rubber handle is a nice touch that makes the brush easier to grip as you get to work.

Purple Hertzko self-cleaning pin brush

This self-cleaning slicker brush is another go-to tool for Maine Coon cat parents who want to prevent mats from forming. Because the pins are very close together, the brush grips fur and removes knots without pulling too much, making it easy for you and more comfortable for your kitty.

The Hertzko brush is a nice sturdy option that comes in large sizes—two important features for Maine Coon parents, since a slicker brush is going to get a lot of use! This particular brand comes with an anti-slip handle and is self-cleaning with the push of a button—super helpful when you’re likely to be filling it up several times a session.

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Blue Delomo grooming gloves for cat brushing

Grooming gloves are a must-have if your Maine Coon has a bit of a brush aversion. They combine a good grooming and petting session in one, which can be calming for both anxious cats and younger Maine Coons who aren’t used to brushes with bristles. Grooming gloves turn long petting strokes into fur-removing opportunities. They’re also great because you can use your fingers to get into harder-to-reach spots where mats tend to form—such as armpits and the insides of legs.

Pro tip: Make sure to throw your gloves in the wash every so often to remove any oil or dirt so they don’t redistribute into your Maine Coon’s flowing locks.

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Shiny Pet stainless steel cat comb

Stainless steel combs are great for Maine Coon cats because they give a nice finishing “floof” while also grabbing at smaller knots that you might have missed in previous passes with other tools. Far superior to flimsy plastic combs, stainless steel combs are less likely to break and are easy to clean—just throw them in the sink or even the dishwasher.

This specific comb is ideal because it has both wide and fine teeth, a non-slip handle, and rounded ends on each tooth so your cat’s skin won’t get poked or scratched as you work.

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ChomChom Roller pet hair remover

Because Maine Coons have so much fur, it’s likely you will need to de-fur yourself (and everything around you) after a good grooming session. While traditional sticky rollers might do the job, this is a superior option for larger areas—and with no waste. The Chom Chom pet hair removal brush uses a genius combination of brushes and rubber “scrapers” to attract and pull up embedded pet hairs from everything from your jeans to your area rugs. You just roll it back and forth and when you’re done, pop it open, and voila! All you have to do is dump out the resulting clump of hair. In addition to being easy to clean up, they don’t require batteries or anything fancy, so they’re infinitely reusable.

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While grooming a Maine Coon may seem like a monumental task, you can make it much easier and more enjoyable by arming yourself with the right set of tools. Ultimately, it’s a bonding experience that will no doubt bring you and your big buddy closer together.

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