Police Decline To Help Dog Left Tethered To Owner’s Car In Florida Heat


Most people know not to leave a dog alone in a hot car, but there are always some individuals that don’t care. Then, some people try to find every loophole when they should be caring about their dog’s wellbeing instead. A person in Florida didn’t leave their dog trapped in their car, but instead, they left the pup tied to their car handle. The dog was forced to rest on the hot black pavement beneath him.

Luckily, a kind stranger kept an eye on the dog, hoping the owner would be quick. But when 45 minutes passed, he contacted authorities to possibly save the dog’s life.

Dog Tethered to Car Handle

A Dog in Distress

When Mark Estremera of Naples, Florida, saw the dog, who looks like a German Shepherd, he had no doubt that the canine was in distress. The dog was tethered to a short lead on the handle of his human’s car. At first, the dog rested on the hot pavement but eventually couldn’t handle it anymore. He tried to squeeze under the car for some shade, but his short leash barely allowed that.

Estremera guessed that the person had to quickly run inside to grab something. So, he waited in the parking lot and kept an eye on the dog. At least 45 minutes passed, but no one came for the dog. The poor pup only panted more heavily.

“Once I saw he was panting heavily after laying there for a while and trying to squeeze underneath the car with the little bit of slack he had from that leash, I knew I had to call,” Estremera said.

Dog hiding under car

During the situation, Estremera recorded a video of the dog, which is heartbreaking for him to watch. After watching the video, another Florida resident agreed that the dog looked distressed. However, the police weren’t as convinced.

Officials See it Differently

When Estremera called 911, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office came to the parking lot in response. Yet, they didn’t seem too concerned about the dog. They said that he had food and water accessible to him and that he didn’t seem distressed. So, they didn’t take any immediate action.

Yet, the laws in Collier County, Florida, protect dogs in situations like that. It’s illegal to leave dogs out in extreme heat or tether them out of their human’s sight. The police haven’t stated if the suspect will face any charges or if the dog will stay in that person’s care.

Florida parking lot

“Coming from someone who owns a dog and loves his dog to death, that’s animal cruelty,” said Estremera.

No dog should be left to suffer in the heat, whether it’s inside a car or on a tether outside. Hopefully, this situation reminds dog parents to avoid bringing their dog on errands, especially during extreme heat. It’s also a good idea to learn your area’s laws so you’ll know what to do when you see a dog in that situation.

Watch the Video Here:

H/T: abc-7.com
Featured Image: YouTube

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