Our Favorite Cat Halloween Costumes from Chewy for 2021

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Who doesn’t adore cat Halloween costumes? If you find yourself overcome with the urge to decorate your favorite feline for the fall festivities, we’re here to help. We’ve combed the Chewy costume shop for outfits that are safe and comfortable as well as clever, cute, and just plain fun.

Guaranteed Success with Cat Halloween Costumes

Since you can’t take your cat into a fitting room, you’ll want to pay close attention to size information when selecting an outfit. Start by measuring your cat. Then match those measurements to the manufacturer’s product size chart. Cat costume sizes are highly variable—your kitty may wear a “medium” in one company’s costumes and an “extra small” in another’s.

If you’re uncertain how to measure your cat, check out Drs. Foster and Smith Pet Supplies’s cat harness measurement demonstration—measuring for a costume is much the same. If you’re still unsure about fit, we recommend reading the reviews for each product.

Worried that your cat might not take to a costume? If your cat is already wearing a collar, look for a get-up that’s an elaborate collar. If your cat is comfortable wearing a harness or a onesie, your options are even better. Chewy has a ton of cute hoodies and sweaters. Keep in mind that getting a cat to wear a hat or a wig might be a bit trickier—though it’s been done.

Rover reviewers who’ve coaxed their kitties into costumes report that lightweight, easily adjustable costumes that fasten quickly with hook-and-loop closures were their favorites. Costumes that involved sleeves and pant legs more often got a “paws down” from the cats.

If any costume, no matter how simple, is a no-go for your kitty, you can still share the festivity: consider a collar with a Halloween motif that will get you in the holiday spirit without annoying your furry friend.

Last but not least, remember that it’s a good idea to supervise cats in costumes—if you’re not watching, it’s best to ditch the finery and save it for another day.

Our Absolute Favorite Cat Halloween Costumes

Let’s see what Chewy has in the costume department for your cat this Halloween.

ruffled cat collar

This one-size-fits-all ruffle-style collar with bells is so light (and so similar to a regular cat collar) that even costume-averse kitties should be able to enjoy the festivities. Built-in elastic makes it easy to slip on and off, while printed pumpkins, ghosts, and cats capture the fun of the season.

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cat wearing bread slice costume

If your cat is already cool with a simple collar, take it one step further and try this adorable bread costume. If your kitty enjoys it, you’ve got an eye-catching Halloween look. If they don’t, well, we guess you’re toast.

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pet wearing costume tuxedo

It’s not just for Halloween! Any time your cat needs to go formal, you’ll have this elegant outfit at the ready. Tux and tails? No problem! Your cat will appreciate the easy-to-use hook-and-loop fasteners, and you’ll probably appreciate the fact that this costume is machine washable.

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cat wearing dinosaur costume

Every time I look at this, I imagine four or five kittens attired as stegosauri. But you don’t need a tiny kitten to make this costume work; it comes in sizes that will fit any cat—even your chonkiest Maine Coon.

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cat wearing snail costume

Is your kitty a bit on the slow side? Even a fairly mellow cat might speed up once you fasten a costume on them. This one’s easy to secure with hook-and-loop fasteners (though depending on your kitty’s tolerance, you might need to skip the ear-loop tentacles).

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cat wearing orange-and-black sweater

This is one of the cat Halloween costumes your cat may actually appreciate on a cold October night. The seasonal witch theme is perfect, especially if you have a handsome black cat. This sweater slips on over the head and has large armholes. Stretchy acrylic offers warmth (and style) without restricting movement. We suggest sizing up if your cat is between sizes.

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cat dressed like French artist

Ooh-la-la! Your cat will be the life of the party in this Bohemian get-up, complete with Picasso-esque striped shirt, jaunty beret, and red bandana. The “front walking” body goes on easily with hook-and-loop fasteners at the neck and elastic behind the front legs. The beret? Bon chance!

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cat wearing wizard cape

What could be more charming than a simple wizard costume that fastens at the neck and is secured under the stomach? An elastic chin strap keeps the pointy hat on long enough for you to get a few memorable photos before the kitty dashes off for the Quidditch game.

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cat wrapped in a taco shell

We think this is one of the most adorable harness-style cat Halloween costumes you’ll find. It secures easily at the neck and the belly with hook-and-loop fasteners. Check the sizing, because this one runs a bit small. Your cat will probably need a small (6-to-10 pounds) or medium (up to 22 pounds).

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cat in a lobster costume

This costume is an absolute natural for a cat, since the lobster is another creature that is known for its claws. This harness-style outfit comes with a hold for your cat’s leash to keep them safe while trick-or-treating.

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cat wearing a pumpkin bandana

Concerned your little pardner might be a bit costume-averse? This simple bandana conveys a bright, bold Halloween message but is as easy on the kitty as a regular collar. It’s easy to put on, too: all you have to do is tie it loosely around your cat’s neck.

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cat in a feather and sequin costume

This is the perfect choice for a Las Vegas–themed party or casino night. Keep in mind when you are ordering that reviewers say this one runs a bit large. If your high-rolling kitty is between sizes, size down.

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cat in a harness with large rainbows on each side

This rainbow harness-style costume is a great choice for a kitty (especially since it works with or without the sunshine hat). Color us charmed!

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purple cat collar with Nightmare Before Christmas images

No kitty could possibly object to this ultra-subtle Halloween costume: a “Nightmare Before Christmas” collar, complete with a breakaway clasp and bell.

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