“People Science” Can Help Dogs Too. Here’s How.


CBD products can help both people and dogs with a variety of medical and emotional issues. Your dog should have access to these useful treatments just like you do, and as their parent you should feel comfortable knowing they can actually help.

One U.S.- based CBD company, co-founded by a practicing veterinarian, believes that people science can and should be used to help our pets too. Their Hemp Paw Wax, Hemp Nose Balm, and Hemp Bath Bombs use that science to pass the benefits on to dogs. Here’s why your pet could use CBD treatments and how Milltor’s Leaf specifically can put your dog and mind at ease.

“People Science For Pets” And CBD Medicine

There’s no doubt that scientific advancements are responsible for trends of increasing average human lifespans and improved overall health. Some animal lovers, rescuers, and doctors wonder why certain medical knowledge can’t also be applied to our dogs.

One example of this is CBD treatments. CBD ingredients that contain 0-1% THC (meaning they are non-psychoactive and they don’t get you “high,”) are widely used in human medicine, and have also proved beneficial in a variety of veterinary conditions.

What CBD treatments are commonly used for:

  • Orthopedic and muscular discomfort (like joint pain)
  • Alleviating anxiety, fear, and aggression
  • General pain/anti-inflammatory
  • Irritable bowel disease
  • Epilepsy and seizures
  • Skin itchiness

Naturally, you might wonder how you can purchase an effective health product for your dog without a prescription. The fact is, for years doctors have been refining ingredients of products they use daily and offering these clinically proven products for general distribution.

Milltor’s Leaf is created with the belief that now our pets should enjoy the same opportunity. The company was co-founded by practicing veterinarian Dr. Lynda Tortoriello and Amy Mills with the basic concept that People Science is adaptable as well as beneficial to our animals.

You want the best possible for your dog, and you should be able to get it! Milltor’s Leaf uses U.S.A. sourced, premium and human-grade ingredients in their products.

Milltor’s Leaf also does not use ANY fillers or additives in their products. All of Milltor’s Leaf products are CBD isolate based, meaning they contain the purest form of Hemp oil extract.

Milltor’s Leaf And Why Expertise Matters In Developing CBD Products

When it comes to your pet and their health and well-being, it’s easy to be apprehensive about trying something new for them. Many pet parents worry about giving CBD to their dogs because they don’t know how it will affect them. More associate CBD products with start-up and tech culture and don’t trust that they’re actually helpful.

Co-founded by a veterinarian, Milltor’s Leaf is more than another CBD start-up. Since their products were created solely for pets by an actual practicing veterinarian, you can trust that they are informed, practical, and effective.

Lynda Tortoriello, a practicing Veterinarian in the New York metropolitan area for over 30 years, has experienced first-hand the positive effects CBD products have exhibited in her daily practice. By incorporating hemp extract into simple proven medical treatments, Dr. Tortoriello has personally seen positive outcomes in her patients.

Dr. Tortoriello originally studied veterinary medicine at the University of Parma in Parma, Italy. She later completed clinical rotations at The Animal Medical Center in Manhattan, owned and operated a large General and Specialty practice for 15 years in New Jersey, and practiced in Manhattan/the Upper East Side for 8 years. In other words, you can trust her expertise.

Milltor’s Leaf Bath Bombs And Waxes

Milltor’s Leaf has several great and effective CBD products:

  • Hemp Bath Bombs: Since CBD has been effective in treating itchy skin when applied externally, their CBD Oatmeal bath bombs are an excellent choice. The Milltor’s Leaf Bath Bomb is made with naturally sourced oatmeal and premium CBD/hemp oil for enhanced anti-inflammatory and anti-itch benefits. Oatmeal baths are the number one treatment recommended by veterinarians for pets with sensitive skin and other dermatological problems like allergies.
  • Hemp Paw Wax: Using CBD, Milltor’s Leaf Hemp Paw Wax creates a barrier against abrasive surfaces that can injure your dog’s sensitive paw pads, like hot asphalt or salted icy sidewalks.
  • Hemp Nose Wax: This wax treats painful cracking, dryness, and hyperkeratosis. This syndrome is found commonly in pushed-in noses that lead dogs to chronically self lick at their noses. Milltor’s Leaf Hemp Nose Wax is a soothing balm applied directly to your dogs nose and outer nostrils.

All of Milltor’s Leaf products contain less than 0.3% THC. This amount minimizes any psychedelic properties while maintaining its beneficial effects.

Try Milltor’s Leaf for your pet today! [Discount codes or links]

Products should be used as directed. Please consult with a veterinarian if your pet has a serious medical condition or is on any prescription medication. Remember, the information in this post is meant to inform, but not intended to be a substitute for veterinary advice. The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements.

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