Dog Who Faced Death Watches His Siblings Get Adopted Without Him


In 2014, Peter and his four puppy siblings were on the verge of death. They were trapped in an overcrowded Bosnian shelter, where their chance of survival was close to zero. So, Saving Suffering Strays scooped up the puppies and gave them a second chance at adoption. All the puppies quickly found homes except for Peter.

Peter is a sweet and well-behaved dog, but the longer he sat at the rescue, the less socialized he became. He waited for seven years without anyone adopting him. Luckily, the rescue never gave up on him, and they’ll do whatever it takes to help him find a family, even if that means sending him to a new shelter.

Peter needs a home

Never Knowing a Loving Home

The first few months of Peter’s life were overwhelming and traumatizing. He and his siblings spent their lives at a shelter, not knowing that the comfort of a loving home existed. When Saving Suffering Strays found out about the terrified litter of puppies, they rescued them before they faced death.

“They faced certain death so rescuer Milena Malesevic saved them,” said Maria Slough with Saving Suffering Strays. “All of Peter’s siblings were adopted but he was constantly overlooked. This meant that he lost the chance at a young age to be socialized in a home environment.”

Seven years went by, and adopters still overlooked Peter. While he’s a friendly and happy dog, he has always been a little anxious around some people, which makes sense considering his past. The rescue believes that offering him more training and socialization could increase his chances of adoption.

Peter rescue dog

Thus, the Bosnian rescue decided to send Peter to Dogs4Rescue, a unique shelter in the UK. They raised enough funds to send him and several other dogs there.

The Perfect Environment for Peter

The team at Dogs4Rescue specializes in socializing anxious dogs. The rescue has a kennel-free environment, which allows dogs to feel more comfortable and come out of their shells more. Peter is used to being around other dogs, so volunteers are confident he’ll fit right in and make new friends.

“If he went into a kennel environment most likely he would shut down or develop more reactivity because of the stress of isolation,” said Emma Billington, the founder of Dogs4Rescue. “Here he has a relaxed environment to decompress from his journey and can learn to trust again with the help of our balanced pack.”

Rescue dog resting

Both rescues believe that Peter will get adopted much faster with more space to socialize and let his personality shine. Dogs4Rescue has a high success rate, so Peter will have much better chances there. After so many years in a shelter, he deserves to learn what a loving family is like.

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