Dogs vs Zombie Salesman Prank: Funny Dogs Maymo & Potpie vs ‘The Salesman’ Creepypasta

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Watch Funny Dogs Maymo & Potpie Deal with a Creepy Salesman Who Won’t Go Away! The two cute beagle dogs are enjoying their day when the doorbell rings, and they excited go downstairs to see who the new visitor is. To their horror, Halloween seems to have come early for the beagle dogs, as there is the creepiest zombie salesman (creepypasta) standing at their door. When funny dog Maymo shuts the blinds on the scary looking man with the briefcase, there is a loud knocking coming from the front of the house. Lo and behold, it is the creepy zombie salesman again, and he wants the dogs to open the door for him, as he motions to his briefcase, that there is something special inside. The dogs can’t tell if this is a prank, and they run into the living room, only to find the creepy zombie guy dancing in the back yard with his briefcase. Eventually he appears in the living room, to the dogs’ surprise, and opens up his briefcase. The pranks end when the dogs see what’s inside!

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“Ghost Robots From Mars” by Etienne Roussel
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